Fall 2014

December 4
Speaker: Paul Glewwe, University of Minnesota
Decomposing Gaps in Student Learning in Developing Countries: Evidence from Vietnamese and Peruvian Panel Data

November 20
Speaker: Shachar Kariv, University of California, Berkeley
Is There a Development Gap in Rationality?

November 6
Speaker: Jessica Cohen, Harvard University
The Impact of Packaging and Messaging on Adherence to Malaria Treatment: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Uganda

October 16
Speaker: Emily Breza, Columbia Business School
Savings Monitors

October 2
Speaker: Jessica Leight, Williams College
Grain into Gold? The Impact of Agricultural Income Shocks on Rural Chinese Households

September 18
Speaker: Manisha Shah, University of California, Los Angeles
Drought of Opportunities: Contemporaneous and Long Term Impacts of Rainfall Shocks on Human Capital

September 4
Speaker: Gustavo Bobonis, University of Toronto
Monitoring Corruptible Politicians

Summer 2014

August 21
Speaker: Owen Ozier, The World Bank
Exploiting Externalities to Estimate the Long-Term Effects of Early Childhood Deworming

August 7
Speaker: Frederico Finan, University of California, Berkeley
Procuring Firm Growth: The Effects of Public Procurement on Firm Growth and Exit

July 17
Speaker: Simon Quinn, University of Oxford
Using the ROSCA as a Model for Individual Finance in Pakistan: Results from a Randomized Field Experiment

June 5
Speaker: Richard Akresh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cash Transfers and Child Schooling: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of the Role of Conditionality

Spring 2014

May 15
Speaker: Lakshmi Iyer, Harvard Business School
Poverty and Crime: Evidence from Rainfall and Trade Shocks in India

May 1
Speaker: Alessandra Voena, University of Chicago
Inheritance Customs and Agricultural Investment in Rural Zambia

April 17
Speaker: Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University
Risk, Insurance and Wages in General Equilibrium

April 3
Speaker: Silvia Prina, Case Western Reserve University
Do Interventions Change the Network? A Dynamic Peer Effect Model Accounting for Network Changes

March 20
Speaker: Damien de Walque, The World Bank
Information is Power: Experimental Evidence of the Long Run Impact of Community Based Monitoring

March 6
Speaker: Jishnu Das, The World Bank
Quality and Accountability in Healthcare Delivery: Evidence from an Audit Study of Healthcare Providers in India

February 7
Speaker: Carolina Castilla, Colgate University
What’s Yours in Mine, and What’s Mine is Mine: Bargaining Power and Income Concealing between Spouses in India

January 16
Speaker: Chris Blattman, Columbia University
Can Employment Reduce Lawlessness and Rebellion? Experimental Evidence from an Agricultural Intervention with High-Risk Men in a Fragile State