Fall 2015

December 3
Speaker: Paul Novosad, Dartmouth College
Dirty Politics: Mining Booms and Political Behavior in India

November 19
Speaker: Kelsey Jack, Tufts University
Seasonal Liquidity Constraints and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Zambia

November 5
Speaker: Jeremy Magruder, University of California, Berkeley
Can Network Theory-based Targeting Increase Technology Adoption?

October 15
Speaker: Solomon Hsiang, University of California, Berkeley
Climate Change and the Global Migration of Agriculture: Evidence from Australia, Brazil, China, Europe and the United States

October 1
Speaker: Cynthia Kinnan, Northwestern University
Relaxing Migration Constraints for Rural Households

September 17
Speaker: Adrienne Lucas, University of Delaware
Adult Health Interventions at Scale and Children’s Schooling: Evidence from Antiretroviral Therapy in Zambia

September 3
Speaker: Charles Sprenger, University of California, San Diego
Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan

Summer 2015

August 20
Speaker: Raymond Fisman, Columbia Business School
The Economics of Death Ceilings

July 30
Speaker: Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, University of Toronto
Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico

July 16
Speaker: Melissa Dell, Harvard University
The Long Run Effects of Agricultural Productivity Shocks: Irrigation and Structural Change in Mexico

July 2
Speaker: Rachel Heath, University of Washington
Intrahoushold Bargaining, Female Autonomy, and Labor Supply: Theory and Evidence from India

June 18
Speaker: Leandro Carvalho, University of Southern California
Complexity and Sophistication

June 4
Speaker: Elaine Liu, University of Houston
The Impact of a Natural Disaster on the Incidence of Fetal Losses and Pregnancy Outcomes

May 21
Speaker: Prashant Bharadwaj, University of California San Diego
Perverse Consequences of Well-Intentioned Regulation: Evidence from India’s Child Labor Ban

Spring 2015

May 7
Speaker: Patrick McEwan, Wellesley College
Do Education and Health Conditions Matter in a Large Cash Transfer? Evidence from a Honduran Experiment

April 30
Speaker: Anandi Mani, University of Warwick
Poverty’s Brain Drain: Evidence from Decision-making in Agriculture

April 16
Speaker: Jonas Hjort, Columbia Business School
Firms’ Response and Unintended Health Consequences of Industrial Regulations

April 2
Speaker: Eric Edmonds, Dartmouth College
Institutional Influences on Human Capital Accumulation: Micro Evidence from Children Vulnerable to Bondage

March 19
Speaker: Simone Schaner, Dartmouth College
The Persistent Power of Behavioral Change: Long-Run Impacts of Temporary Savings Subsidies for the Poor

February 19
Speaker: Annemie Maertens, University of Sussex
The Value of Literacy beyond Reading: Evidence from an RCT in India

February 5
Speaker: Shing-Yi Wang, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Asymmetric Information and Remittances: Evidence from Matched Administrative Data