Fall 2016

December 15
Speaker: Ketki Sheth, Assistant Professor at University of California, Merced
Insuring the Poor: Overcoming Adverse Selection and Increasing Demand for Health Insurance

December 1
Speaker: Jessica Goldberg, Assistant Professor at University of Maryland
When Defaults Matter: Behavioral Economics and the Use of Savings Accounts in Malawi

November 17
Speaker: Tom Vogl, Assistant Professor at Princeton University
Growth and Childbearing in the Short- and Long-Run

October 20
Speaker: Karen Macours, Associate Professor at Paris School of Economics and INRA Researcher
The Reliability and Validity of Skills Measurement in Rural Household Surveys

October 6
Speaker: Robert Garlick, Assistant Professor at Duke University
Heterogeneity in the Efficiency of Intrahousehold Resource Allocation: Empirical Evidence and Implications for Investment in Children

September 29
Speaker: Jim Berry, Assistant Professor at Cornell University
When Student Incentives Don’t Work: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi

September 15
Speaker: Sarah Baird, Associate Professor at The George Washington University
When the Money Runs out:Do Cash Transfers Have Sustained Effects?

September 1
Speaker: Pascaline Dupas, Associate Professor at Stanford University
Targeting Technology Adoption Subsidies: Methods and Mechanisms

Summer 2016

August 18
Speaker: Isaac Mbiti, University of Virginia
Inputs, Incentives, and Complementarities in Primary Education: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania

August 4
Speaker: Harounan Kazianga, Oklahoma State University
The Medium-Term Impacts of Girl-Friendly Schools: 7-Year Evidence from School Construction in Burkina Faso

July 21
Speaker: Prashant Loyalka, Stanford University
Unpacking Teacher Professional Development: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of China’s National Teacher Training Program

June 16
Speaker: Marcos Rangel, Duke University
Agricultural Fires and Child Health

Jun 2
Speaker: Gil Shapira, The World Bank
Supply- and Demand-Side Incentives Targeting Maternal and Child Health Service Coverage: Evidence from the Rwanda Community Performance-Based Financing Program

Spring 2016

May 19
Speaker: Seema Jayachandran, Northwestern University
Cash for Carbon: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Payments for Ecosystem Services to Reduce Deforestation

May 5
Speaker: Alfredo Burlando, University of Oregon
The Allocation of Capital in Savings Groups: Experimental Evidence from Uganda

April 21
Speaker: Manuela Angelucci, University of Michigan
The Marriage Market for Lemons: HIV Testing and Marriage in Rural Malawi

April 7
Speaker: Taryn Dinkelman, Dartmouth College
Labor Migration and the Structure of Rural Labor Markets

March 17
Speaker: David Yanagizawa-Drott, Harvard Kennedy School
Low Quality, Low Returns, Low Adoption: Evidence from the Market for Fertilizer and Hybrid Seed in Uganda

March 3
Speaker: Marcel Fafchamps, Stanford University
Exclusion Bias in the Estimation of Peer Effects

February 18
Speaker: Elizabeth Frankenberg, Duke University
Child Health After a Natural Disaster

February 4
Speaker: Michael Kremer, Harvard University
Joint Liability, Asset Collateralization, and Credit Access: Evidence from Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Kenya